It’s hard to find your people at university

In my sister’s own words, “friendships at uni seem so temporary” and while it sounds like we’re all falling in and out of fake friendships, I don’t think that’s the point. University is the place where I think I’ve grown the most in the shortest period of time – I’m much more in tune with myself than I was when I left school. One of … Continue reading It’s hard to find your people at university

Making 2019 Intentional

It’s that time of year when everyone’s Instagram feeds are full of “goodbye 2018″/”2018 highlight reel!” posts (I myself am a culprit), and what better way for me to celebrate the end of 2018 than by finding a decent picture among what honestly felt like a pretty mediocre year? For me personally, 2017 felt like a much more momentous year than this one; however, without … Continue reading Making 2019 Intentional