Having a productive summer ☀️

Now that I’m finally re-energised enough to actually get myself out of bed, I’m trying to plan out what will hopefully be a productive few months in the lead up to my final year of my degree. As easy as it is to stay cooped up in my room all day, here are some things that help me stay productive over the summer months.

Use the rule of 3

Think of 3 things you want to achieve each week, and 3 things you want to achieve each day. The goal is to not have any “zero days”, where you get nothing done. It doesn’t matter if the three things are tiny, as long as you’re achieving something that will get you closer to getting everything done this summer.


Parkinson’s Law: “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”

If you give yourself one hour to complete a task (such as writing a blog post), the likelihood is that it will take you around an hour. If you give yourself the whole day, you’ll end up dragging it out. Timetabling out my days helps me stay on track and waste less time.


Stacking habits

If you want to pick up a new habit, but are struggling to keep at it, stacking it on top of something you already do regularly is bound to help. For example, if you want to start meditating, try doing it as soon as you get out of bed; or if you want to get better at planking, do it after you brush your teeth each morning.


Set limits for your social media

One of the first things I did this summer was delete Instagram and Facebook off my phone, and I am so glad I did it. You don’t have to go this far, but changing your iPhone settings to limit your time spent on social media will be so healthy for you.


Get the work done

Don’t get me wrong, I spent the first few weeks of my holiday in a major post-exam shutdown, but I think it’s really important to keep on top of any uni/school-related work that needs to be done, and to get it out the way as soon as you can. I do this in small bursts, by stacking a little bit of work time after going to the gym, which I do on most days already.


Getting shreddy for summer

You don’t have to change ANYTHING about your body just because summer has arrived, but during exam season, the gym was a myth to me, so now is a better time than ever to use all my free hours to work on my fitness.


Get outdoors as often as possible
(Okay, this one is kinda ironic because it’s a beautiful day and I’m writing this from my sofa, but hear me out)

If you have work to do, go out to a cafe and write there, or sit outside somewhere while you journal. Things that you would usually do in the comfort of your house (or even your bed) can easily be taken outside so you feel more productive and generally happier.


plant room
the plant room in Brighton is one of my favourite cafés ever (source: @tprcoffee on Twitter)


Set some goals for the next academic year
It’s easy to just flop and ignore uni altogether considering the past few months have been absolute hell, but if there’s anything I have learnt over exam season it’s that I want to do everything I can to ensure I’m not underprepared next year. Set some simple goals, and make sure they are actually achievable because if they’re too far out of reach it’ll just be demotivating.


Learn to cook some new dishes
Summer is the perfect time to perfect some staple meals that you can make when you go back to uni in the autumn! Pinterest is an absolute life-saver for recipes as well as literally everything else, so do have a stalk through my profile if you need ideas.


Have a summer project
Try to set up something you can work on just for yourself; last year for me it was recording and producing my EP. This year I’d like to focus more on this blog, as well as working on some goals for my third year at uni.



I hope this has given you some ideas so that you can prevent yourself from forever remaining a couch potato (I’ve been there), and that you’re enjoying the gorgeous weather! 😊

Thivya x



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