The podcast soundtrack to my uni experience

I have spent the first two years of my university life commuting around an hour each way, which has resulted in Spotify becoming my best friend. While spending so much time driving and on trains was a great opportunity to fall in love with more music, I’ve also grown into listening to podcasts more often. One of the things I find the hardest about commuting is the amount of time I spend on my own, but it’s given me time to listen to and learn from so many different people.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourites from the last few years – some of them are a great laugh, some are more serious, but all of them are great for personal growth! Do let me know if you give any of these a listen, and tell me what you think! (Instagram / Twitter)

Deliciously Ella – listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts


Focusing on health and wellness, the Deliciously Ella podcast (hosted by Ella and Matthew Mills) is full of inspiration and myth-busters around your physical, mental and social wellbeing. It’s a wonderfully educational podcast and definitely widened my knowledge about the things I always wanted to be more aware of. With rotating (and qualified!) guests discussing each topic, I’ve learnt so much about how to take better care of myself, even if it’s just by making small changes.

Episode recommendations: “How Exercise Impacts on the Brain & Our Mental Health“, “The Skincare Edition“, “Body Acceptance & Making Peace with our Plates“.


No Sex in The City – listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts


I absolutely adored No Sex in The City. Discussing all things pop culture, Helen and Renée were the soundtrack to my first year at uni. I’m not exaggerating when I say that listening to these girls was one of the most monumental parts in getting through a sometimes horribly tough first year at uni. I think it’s a must-listen for women everywhere; I owe so much of my growth in confidence to Helen and Renée, and while the podcast has unfortunately come to an end, I would still recommend giving it a listen – it’s brilliant.

Episode recommendations: “I’ve Dated Some Real Mingers“, “Pet Peeves, Lena Dunham & Photoshop Thoughts“, “The Power of Rihanna“.


The Good Place: The Podcast – listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts


We all know that The Good Place is one of the best shows to ever grace our screens, with incredibly clever writing and a brilliant cast. I loved the show and love the fact that the podcast was released shortly after, to hear some really cool behind-the-scenes details about the making of it. If you haven’t watched The Good Place already, it really is a must-watch – a comedic take on dystopia and philosophy, the show dives into ethics from a whole new perspective.


Keeping it Real by Caroline & Sophie – listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts


Sorry for the trend here, I love female-driven podcasts, apparently – but it’s true, because I cannot explain the confidence and personal progress that comes from listening to other inspirational women. While I must say that I pick and choose which episodes I listen to, I’ve found this podcast to be really uplifting, as two women discuss everything that is important. Talking about health, men, body acceptance and all things in between, Caroline and Sophie have honest, sometimes difficult conversations that are a whole lot more than just a bit of chit chat.

Episode recommendations: “If it makes you feel good… DO IT!!“, “Kiss as many frogs as you need to find your lobster“, “Detox the body or detox the men“.


Just a Tip with Megan Batoon – listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

just a tip

I’m going to end on what I think is my absolute favourite podcast ever – Megan is an LA-based dancer, YouTuber and actress, hosting podcast episodes that are light-hearted, full of tangents and absolutely hilarious. It’s great to throw on while you’re getting ready, or on a long drive and would like some friendly company. With a different guest each week, I’ve laughed out loud on countless occasions and I would recommend it to anyone. There is never a dull moment, with nothing but good vibes and relatable comedy (and it’s made my hour-long commute so much more bearable!).

Some episode recommendations: “Crying on an Elliptical (w/ Addie Weyrich)“, “Nose Vomit (w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & Chia Habte)“, “Single for Three Years (w/ Gabbie Hanna)” (but honestly, just listen to any episode and it’ll be great).

So there are five of my favourite podcasts from the past few years, all of which I’ve found incredibly interesting and would totally recommend. Once I’m out of the exam caves I have some things I’d love to talk about on this blog (hint: the abortion laws, 2nd year survival tips) so do drop your email into the mailing list box to get an update whenever there’s a new post! You can also find me over on Instagram @thivya_k, or Twitter @thivyakmusic.

Thivya x

Here’s what I think is my current favourite from Lewis Capaldi’s debut album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent. Please do give the whole album a listen, it’s beautifully written and produced, and also features a co-write from one of my other favourite artists, JC Stewart, who was my music recommendation from my last blog post reviewing Tom Williams’ What Did You Want to Be?.

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