March was the best month I’ve had in years and here’s why

At the end of February, all the crazy (and honestly, unnecessary) drama in my life had finally died down, leaving me the room to finally focus on the good in my life. By the end of March, I felt like a new person and I am the happiest I have been in a long time. Here are some of the amazing lovely things that happened last month:


I met lots of brilliant new people

Literally every person I met between February-March was an absolute pleasure to come across. Every single person, from the friends I made in the library, to my salesman at Audi (who was just the nicest guy in the world), to the woman in Morrisons who told me I had nice hair, had such a positive impact on how I was feeling on a daily basis. By the time I reached the end of the month I was just glowing with happiness because I surrounded myself with such positive and kind people. I have learnt that you can’t change negative people, so instead you have to just change who you spend your time with.


We raised over £500 at the Cancer Research UK charity concert!

I had the pleasure of performing alongside some other wonderfully talented musicians at a charity concert towards the end of the month, where I met so many lovely people and got to know some of my lecturers in a completely different light. It was so nice to focus on something different amongst all the deadlines I was drowning in – and all for a good cause. It was also really fun to perform to a completely new audience – as great as it was to perform at music soc events in my first year, it would tend to be similar people every time. It was nice for me to just show my music to a room of people that had never seen me perform before, and I’m so glad that that they enjoyed it.


My friends are confidence powerhouses

Talking to new people and focusing on loving my friendships made me realise in the strongest sense that you attract the people you act similar to. If you are kind, kind people will find you – and you should settle for nothing less than that. I’m more comfortable talking to new people than I ever was before, thanks to everyone who has been my hype man over the past couple of months. I have absolutely zero trace of any of the people that brought any kind of negativity or bad experience into my life and I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time.


I’m writing so much new music!

…and with that, writing HAPPY music! It’s easy to pour out all your sad emotions into a song, but writing hopeful and happy music is another level of wonderful, and I am so grateful for every person who has inspired my writing recently. Two out of the three originals that I performed at the Charity Concert were new, where I talked about the excitement of meeting someone that brought so much light along with them. I can’t wait to share one of those tracks with you – I’ve recently recorded it and I really hope you love it. In the past 3 days alone, I’ve written 3 songs inspired by one of the people I met last month – and that’s a massive achievement for me, considering this time last year I was barely writing at all. (You can keep up to date with what I’m writing by following my Instagram @thivyakmusic – I’m much more active on there than I am on my Facebook page)


My friends made COOL MUSIC

I met Hal through the Songwriting Workshop that Tom Williams runs at the College – his debut single is insanely amazing and I have no doubt at all that he will be beyond successful in the industry. This track takes you into a world of its own, with dreamy guitar parts and a really cool indie rock/hip-hop blend; with just one song alone, we are shown Havelock’s musical personality and I’m so excited to hear what else is coming. Have a listen to “Pig Latin” here:


…and as if that wasn’t cool enough, Tom Williams released ‘What Did You Want to Be?’! I have SO MANY amazing things to say about Tom’s newest album; I was a huge fan of “All Change” and just when I thought he couldn’t get better, he really stepped it up even further for this one. “All Change” was in my top albums of 2017, and without a doubt, “What Did You Want to Be?” is going to make it into my 2019 round-up. I’m going to write a whole post about the album, but in the meantime, Tom also released a brilliant music video in the lead up to the album release, which you can watch here:


I’m going to end this post by just saying a massive thank you to every person who has sent me lovely messages over the past few weeks, particularly in relation to my last blog post. You all know who you are, and you are the reason that I keep writing! It means the world to know that I’m creating something so relatable and fun to read, and I’m so glad that this is such a positive space for people to come to. If you do read a post, please do drop me a message and let me know what you think! My Instagram inbox is always open 🙂

Thivya x


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