Things I have learnt this month: February

February was WILD. Going back to uni after a week of freedom (to some extent – considering the impending doom of coursework deadlines was at the beginning of the month) was tough, and I have only just settled in to being in lectures all day. With a rough few weeks in January, last month was one where I think I really grew.

it will come
  1. Make time to meet up with people; seeing friends outside uni is wonderful
  2. Getting through deadlines is a million times easier when you can camp/panic in the library with your friends
  3. Having your nails done makes it seem like you actually have your life in order
  4. Be brave; it’s always worth it
  6. You don’t need to feel guilty about letting people go; I’m so much more selective with who I trust nowadays and I think it’s made my life better in general
  7. I’m not being funny but the majority of people I have met in Brighton have been borderline psychopaths?
  8. I’m still not taking enough photos
  9. “You gotta risk it for a chocco biscuit”
  10. We are always in the right place at the right time
  11. I am getting better at recognising genuine vs non-genuine people
  12. I can’t remember what half of my 2019 personal policies were
  13. Having your closest friends is great, but don’t forget the people who you see less often. Just because you’re not together all the time, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there for you.


This list was quite a short one as a lot of the things I would write here actually came in March, so keep your eyes peeled for a month’s time when I have LOADS more to write about! Thank you to all my lovely friends who have been amazing this month (you are all too good for this world) and I will see you all in the next one!

Thivya x


P.S. I have a new original up on my YouTube channel! It’s just a rough recording of a song I finished a couple of weeks ago, and I really love the honesty of it so I hope you’ll give it a listen 🙂


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