Just a bit of a general catch-up: February 2019

Hello friends!

The last couple of months have been a little weird, mainly because of semester 1 exams but also because of general life; my last post was one I actually wrote weeks before it was published, but I had to schedule it for after things in my life had calmed down.

For those of you that have liked my Facebook page, I filmed a vlog a couple of weeks back which updated you all on why I seemed to have fallen off the face of the Earth, but never ended up posting it because I wanted to sit down and put some proper thought into whatever I was posting. The events of last month led to me just stepping back from posting on social media, and particularly my Instagram, which is where I post more frequently. Thankfully, I’m feeling much more like myself than I did at the beginning of February, so hopefully it’s uphill from here!

So, here are a few updates on what I’ve been up to:


Weekly Songwriting

If you read my post back at the beginning of the year about my goals for 2019, you’ll know that I wanted to try to write at least one song per week. Just one complete song, even if I hated it. Despite my 12-hour daily shifts in the library, somehow I managed to keep it up quite successfully throughout January and through bits of February. I hit a bit of a social mess at the beginning of last month (hence the writing of my post about evolving friendships) so I had a couple of weeks of feeling generally rubbish and therefore not wanting to pick up my guitar.

Forcing myself to write is going exactly how I expected it to; I don’t love everything, but it feels amazing to be getting everything out of my head and into music again. Fifteen-year-old me would write at least 3 times a week, and I miss it. At times it’s been hard to keep it going; however, I did write a few bits that I like and I’m excited to sit down to film them to share with you! You can watch the first of this series of videos, a song called ‘Nothing to Lose’, here:


January Exams

YOUR GAL SURVIVED! I turned the library into my natural habitat for over a month, but I made it through – with some pretty decent results, which was a relief. With the help of a massive group of friends who took over entire tables each day, we dragged each other through the pain and it was all worth it!

Eliza and myself, mid-mental breakdown


Friendship Breaking

I’ll be honest and I’ll tell you that the last post I wrote came 100% from the heart. I wrote it in a café in the midst of some ridiculous (and honestly, unnecessary) drama – I was hesitant to post it at the time, which was why I pushed it forward a few weeks, but I’m glad I wrote it because I know it helped people. I still feel the same way in that I totally trust the process and I truly think that the only friends you lose are the ones that need to be lost. It was the reason I took a short break from Instagram (because let’s be honest, how helpful is social media in our everyday relationships and mental health?) so I was totally AWOL for a while, but it was so freeing to not have to know or care what was going on elsewhere. We’re adults now, but we’re still learning, and I’m getting better at recognising red flags and walking away from them.


Friendship Making!

One of the most brilliant things that this platform of music has given me is a route of communication with people. I’ve met incredible people at gigs, at uni, and had messages from people online which have just changed my social perspective completely. The response to ‘No One There At All’ back in November was so insanely positive, and I’m so utterly amazed by how much that song has helped people feel less alone. I do believe that releasing my own music brought me a whole new sense of confidence, which has led to the formation of some brilliant new friendships as well as strengthening old ones.

Kamsi & Thivya
The day Kamsi & I realised we had no photos together for my obligatory Instagram post for her birthday [photo credits to Anisa]
I really do believe that this year is going to be a good one for me socially, because last year hurt me so much but also taught me so much. I know what I deserve, and no longer being afraid to stand my ground has been one of the best changes I’ve ever been through.


Music I’m Loving

Guys, we are a mere few weeks away from the new Tom Williams album! I am so excited and I hope you will take the time to give it a listen. Tom has already released two tracks from the upcoming album (I shared Early Morning Rain in his ‘Artists to Watch’ post) but do give ‘It’s Dark Now’ a listen too! I have so much respect for Tom and his utterly brilliant writing, and this track is nothing short of a banger.

With other artists, I’ve been loving Sasha Sloan’s ‘Older’, along with some other great tracks from her. The song really seems to come from a place of honesty and retrospect and I love it.

I’ve also been really into Kacey Musgraves’ older album, ‘Same Trailer Different Park’; I’m a huge fan of Kacey and her effortlessly honest writing is something I really look up to. As a result of re-discovering her music, I have a new favourite playlist on the go – it’s called ‘just so you know’ and was inspired by ‘Butterflies’ (which was written just 3 weeks after meeting the man who would become her husband!) from my favourite album of hers, ‘Golden Hour’.


My Most Popular Post Yet

To every single person who read, commented on, liked and shared my post on sexual harassment and rape culture at university, thank you. It was such a tough one to write, but it was totally worth it. Some of the reading I did in the lead up to writing it was so horrifying that I didn’t want to keep looking, but the unfortunate reality is that this kind of thing happens around the world every day. The ‘spectrum’ of sexual harassment doesn’t even matter; it shouldn’t exist at all.

I first wrote a few notes down for that post at the beginning of my second year at university, meaning it took around five months to finally get it together and write it. I am so thankful that the post was so well received and I hope it sparked some much-needed thought about what we can do as individuals to address rape culture. It means the absolute world to me that so many people gave it a read, so please, please keep talking about it and doing what you can to make everything a little safer for each other.


An Upcoming Performance

I am so thrilled to be performing with some fellow students at a charity concert at the Sallis Benney Theatre in Brighton on March 23rd, in aid of Cancer Research UK. I’ll be performing a few originals, alongside features from staff and students. Cancer Research is so incredibly vital and I’m sure it’s a charity that means something to every single one of us. Tickets are free, however there may be limited availability on the door so you can book through this link and donations to the cause would be greatly appreciated. I’m really excited to perform at a new venue and to a new audience, so please do try to be there if you can!



I think that’s it! There’s my roundup of the past month or so, and an explanation as to why I disappeared from all social media for a while. Thank you for being so patient and for supporting everything I do (even though I can be a bit rubbish sometimes), and I will see you in the next one.

Thivya x

P.S. I’m actually starting to use my Twitter account! You can follow me @thivyakmusic!


This post’s music recommendation *had* to be from THE JONAS BROTHERS?! I THINK I DIED WHEN I SAW THE ANNOUNCEMENT.

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